Finding the Best Real Estate Agent

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How to Find the Best Real Estate Agent

A real estate agent can transform the buying or selling process for anyone, whether looking for that first home or looking to size up or down. Not only can a real estate agent quickly find the perfect property that matches your dreams, but they can help sellers present and price their homes to attract the most interest.

During negotiations, a real estate agent is essential to getting the best deal possible, and they can help you understand all the paperwork needed to complete the process. You don’t need a real estate agent to buy or sell property in all places today, but you are missing out if you don’t have one. It may even cost you money to negotiate on your own.

Having said that, not all real estate agents are the same, so if you are thinking of buying or selling a property, finding the right real estate agent is important. There are a number of things to look for in a real estate agent that can help you find one who will work with you to get the best price and the perfect home, and you can find the answers both online and when you talk to them.

Narrowing it Down

The first thing to do is create a shortlist of agents to look at in more detail and talk to. There are a couple of ways of narrowing down the huge choice of Virginia real estate agents, the first being recommendations. Ask friends, family and work colleagues who they used to buy or sell property in Virginia as a good starting point. Also, check out the top-rated agents on sites like Yelp,  Zillow, or


Once you have a list of real estate agents to take a closer look at, the first aspect of their service to assess is performance. As a seller, you are looking for the average time it takes for the agent to sell property in Virginia, how many similar properties have they sold, and how close to the listing price do they negotiate for sellers on average.

Buyers should look for a track record of success with similar properties in your price range, finding the right property quickly and getting great value on the property during the negotiations. A good real estate agent will be able to provide the information you need easily, helping you make the informed choice you need.

Local Knowledge and Experience

A key part of the advantage that using a real estate agent brings, is that they have in-depth local knowledge to ensure the best possible approach to selling a property or finding the right home for buyers. Agents who have a track record of selling or helping to purchase the type of home you are looking for, in terms of area, budget and so on, are more likely to provide the kind of support and service you are looking for as a buyer or seller. 


Whether buying or selling a property, the cost of using a real estate agent matters. When looking at these costs, from listing fees and other ancillaries charges, usually a percentage of the sale price for sellers, it is tempting to look through your shortlist and simply choose the one who will charge you the least, but that is not always the complete picture.

An established, high-quality professional agent may have slightly higher fees than some, but they may also provide more features with the service. Additionally, a good agent representing a seller may get a higher selling price, or a lower sales price for clients buying property, which can make them a cheaper option overall even accounting for higher fees.

Instead of simply looking at the costs, we have to judge real estate agents based on cost, what they can do for that fee, and their effectiveness. It is the value offered, rather than the cost alone, that matters when choosing the right agent.

An Example of a Great Agent

There are many real estate agents, but one who attracts more positive reviews than most is Chris Ognek. Providing a comprehensive service for buyers and sellers alike, Chris has a reputation for local knowledge and securing the best deal for his clients.

After a career in the Navy, Chris attended Penn State, earning his MBA in 2005. Since then he has leveraged his extensive experience to ensure his clients achieve their goals with property in Virginia. From his tenacious negotiating to obtain the best value for every client whether buying or selling, to his attention to detail that ensures clients receive the exceptional service they deserve, Chris is a real estate agent who is on your side.

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